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Auxiliary Bodies and Committees' Meeting


On Tuesday, June 26, 2013, representatives of over 30 committees and auxiliary bodies working under the umbrella of Holy Trinity Armenian Church attended the Volunteers’ Annual Meeting that took place at Magaros Artinian Hall of the church.

The Parish Priest, Archpriest Fr. Zareh Zargarian, welcomed all and invited them to join him in the Lord’s Prayer, followed by a reading of a scripture:

34 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. 35 By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”   John 13:34-35

Mr. Ohan Ohanessian, Parish Council Chairman, welcomed all present as well and read the meeting agenda.

Fr. Zareh then read the letter of His Holiness Karekin II dated June 20, 2013, related to the election of Primate of the Armenian Church Canadian Diocese and the appointment of His Eminence Archbishop Nathan Hovhannisyan to serve in the Diocese of Canada as Locum Tenens. Fr. Zareh invited all faithful to show their unified and unconditional support to Archbishop Hovhannisyan in his important mission in the Armenian Church Canadian Diocese. He extended his great respect and appreciation towards Vehapar Hayrabed for his fatherly care and blessings.

The Pastor expressed his and the entire church family’s love and appreciation to Bishop Bagrat Galstanian for his ten years of dedicated leadership as Primate of the Armenian Church in Canadian Diocese and invited everyone to pray for the health and continuous success of Bagrat Srpazan. He continued by acknowledging all those who expressed their love and good wishes to Srpazan for his care and devotion.

Also, he appreciated Very Rev. Fr. Aren Jebejian’s decision to withdraw as Primate Elect, for the establishment of peace and harmony of the Armenian Church of Canada. He invited all to continue their prayers for the peace and harmony in our Diocese, especially at a time when Armenians worldwide are organizing themselves to commemorate the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide.


There was a brief introduction of the celebratory functions dedicated to the 85th anniversary of our parish. On the occasion of this milestone, the year 2013 was declared Year of Holy & Divine Liturgy.

For those who may not know, our church was named Holy Trinity in appreciation to the  Anglican Holy Trinity Church located in downtown Toronto, which graciously opened its doors to our parishioners from 1928-1953. This upcoming fall, the Armenian Divine Liturgy will be celebrated at the same Church of Holy Trinity on a Sunday in the fall of 2013(date to be announced). The plate money of heartfelt donations collected on that memorable day will be donated entirely to Holy Trinity Anglican Church’s ongoing and major Food Drive for the Homeless program. 

The representatives of over 30 committees and auxiliary bodies were appreciated for their presence and their devoted services to this Holy Church.

Mr. Ohan Ohanessian gave a report about the major renovation projects of the Holy Trinity Armenian Church, the most important and expensive of which is the repair of the 26 year old building’s rooftop which will be successfully finished in a few days and the church will have a safe rooftop for the future 25 years. The upcoming projects are necessary and costly, such as the replacement of the original air conditioning and heating system.

Mr. Ohanessian continued with a financial report and clarified that the Holy Trinity Armenian Church is 100% mortgage free and there is not a dollar borrowed against the church building. Also he noted not a single payment is done using cash in Holy Trinity Armenian church. Besides our Auditing Committee’s annual audit and report, over the past several years the Church's financial books and records have been audited by the Canada Revenue Agency, in all cases Holy Trinity Armenian Church received an unconditional clearance certificate.

A brief discussion about new fundraising ideas came up and was suggested this to be pursued actively. The committees and auxiliary bodies were invited to continue their vibrant and constructive services and take part in the mission of keeping what we have inherited and making it even better and stronger for our children and generations to come.

In conclusion, Parish Council Vice-Chair Mr. Stephan Ekmekjian, on behalf of the Council and auxiliary bodies, extended heartfelt gratitude and unconditional support to Fr. Zareh Zargarian for his devoted leadership and wished him and his family well.

The meeting was adjourned by a closing prayer, followed by a group picture.



A group photo with representatives of the following groups: Diocesan Delegates, Board of the Armenian Social Services, Deacons, Sub-Deacons and Acolytes, Sunday School, St. Sahag – St. Mesrop Armenian Saturday School, Bible Study Groups (Armenian & English), Church Choir, Women’s Guild, Visitation Committee, Mahs Baking Committee, Armenian Family Support Services, Nor Serount, Golf Committee, Telephone Directory, Hayreniq Cultural Association, ACYOC Sr. & ACYOC Jr. (Armenian Church Youth Organization of Canada), Sassoun Dance Ensemble, Nominating Committee, Auditing Committee, Membership, Hrant-Dink Pokr Pem Theatre Group, Lousapem Theatre Group, Annual Debutante Ball Committee, CAAPA, CFFA(Children’s Fund For Armenia), Camp Ararat, Seda Pederian Bookstore, Website/ E-newsletter, Annual Walkathon and Picnic committees.

December 3, 2006 - HTAC's 78th Anniversary Minimize

Sunday December 3, 2006 was another special day for us at Holy Trinity, marking the 78th Anniversary  of our parish.

The faithful were treated to a special Divine Liturgy, officiated by His Grace Bishop Bagrat Galstanian, during which Father Zareh introduced and blessed the special “Tree of Remembrance” located on the sanctuary wall, instituted by this year’s Parish Council.  The sponsorship of a leaf in the new tree with the names of deceased loved ones will be a lasting testimony of love and respect, while making the Christian principle of good stewardship within easy reach.
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Also during Divine Liturgy, the memorial service included special prayers for late Pastors, Parish Council Members, Godfathers and Benefactors.

After the Church Service, the congregation made their way downstairs (many using the new Babayan Elevator) and entered the Magaros Artinian Hall, where a lovely Anniversary Luncheon was prepared.  After our National Anthems and blessing of the meal by His Grace Bishop Bagrat, lunch was served.  The entrée featured both chicken breast and roast beef with all the trimmings, and was enjoyed by all.


The Masters of Ceremonies of the day were ACYOC members Sally Sahagian and Serena Kurkjian.  Speakers included Avedis Evran, Chairman of the Parish council, Jack Stepanian, Chairman of the Diocesan Council, Haig Selian, President of the Babayan Foundation, and the Pastor’s address by our own Rev. Father Arch. Zareh Zargarian. 
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The packed room was treated to fabulous musical performances by Robert Markarian, violinist, accompanied by Alice Der Kevorkian, pianist, and Sharon Tikiryan, soprano, accompanied by Araxie Altounian, pianist.  Special recognition was given to these recipients of CAAPA’s deserving scholarships. 


As well, selected members of Holy Trinity’s own Sassoun Dance Ensemble, taught by Joe Avakian, performed several pieces from their growing repertoire.


The auxiliary bodies of the Holy Trinity Armenian Church family presented their donation checks, representing their yearly gifts.  As well, the present members and guests were invited to enclose their monetary gifts in donation envelopes placed on the tables for their convenience.

Every year at the Anniversary Luncheon, special plaques are presented to outgoing parish Council members, who this year, were: Shahan Deirmenjian, Yeran Isnar, Adom Knadjian (with special thanks and a lapel pin for his hardworking wife Takoush) and Sevag Sagherian (who could not be present to accept).  As well, plaques are presented to four very special parish members.  This year, they were:



Young Woman of the Year
ennifer Boyd


Young Man of the Year 
Dcn. Ari Boyaci


Woman of the Year 
Taline Moushian


Man of the Year 
Shahe Altounian



After dessert and the official birthday cake and our Primate’s address and benediction, the congregation dispersed, physically sated and spiritually uplifted.



- Mona Selyan
Parish Council Vice Chairman


Below you’ll find the opening remarks presented by Sally Sahagian, the English-language Master of Ceremonies:

I want to thank Parish Council for inviting me to MC today’s joyous occasion.  I have to say that I am very honoured to be here today, and happy to celebrate the birthday of what I consider being my second home.  When I was first approached about becoming the MC today, I said yes without hesitation!  Despite the fact that I have an exam tomorrow, I wanted to be here to celebrate this occasion and to share with all of you my experience as an active member of this church.

When my family and I moved to Canada, we didn’t really have a place to go other than the church.  My parents were quick to get me involved.  As days went by, my family’s involvement in the church grew.

From Saturday School, Sunday School, Jr ACYOC, Sr ACYOC, Camp Ararat, CYMA, Sassoun Dance Group, and Theatre Group… what else is there?

My parents’ involvement in the church and the community was what began it all, and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be as involved as I am today.

There came a point where I was immersed with so many church activities along with my school work that I stopped and asked myself “why do I keep saying yes and volunteering in all these events and committees, when I am the one who sits there and complains about not having enough time?”

After careful thought, I came to the realization that I owe my time to the church, because of all the things it has done for my life.  Nothing in this world is for free; I believe that you get what you give.

From the first day I set foot in this church I have received so much.  Being involved in this community has helped me grow spiritually, it has taught me life lessons, opened up opportunities and most importantly, it has made me a better Christian.

A plant needs food and water to grow and flourish into a beautiful flower, and just like that plant, this church has needs also, but the food and water of this church are you, the members of this church.  Your positive energy and efforts to help maintain this parish and make it grow.

I want to mention some great facts about this church:

-          Our church is not only a place of worship but in large it is also a community center! Did you know that we have more than 30 active committees working here? Under this roof!

-          We are a church with a vast array of committees ranging from Bible Studies, to Sassoun Dance Group.  Look at the amount of work being done under this roof, and I assure that there is more! more committees! and more events.

-          We are happy to announce the membership of over 100 new members within the last 3 months and here is the great part the majority are youths!  Isn’t that great?

With all these great facts, who here is inspired to join this wonderful family?  We have membership applications available every Sunday in the lobby at the welcome desk.

I have to tell you, nothing comes easy, everything you see here was not done overnight.  It is the result of the hard work, dedication and vision of our dear Der Zareh with the leadership and the full support of Serpazan Hayr.  On behalf of us all, I want to say “Thank you Serpazan Hayr” and “Thank you Der Zareh” and of course how can we forget our young and vibrant parish council members for all their efforts with their very active Chairman, Mr. Avedis Evran.

I encourage you all to go home today and have a talk with your family members however young or old and tell them how important it is to be apart of their Armenian community and their Armenian church, our ancestors did not die for us to lose our heritage and religion they died so we can maintain our Christian Heritage, and here we have this church as a prime example, so take the torch passed on by your ancestors and keep the flame burning; do not let it go out.  By your involvement and your contributions, you can help to make this place not just my second home, but also everyone’s.  Thank You!